Overcoming the Hurdles to Electronic Health Record Adoption – DRT-Enabled EHR

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The concept of a DRT-enabled EHR is simple. Physicians would be allowed to continue to dictate their findings and clinical assessments in their own words, but the transcribed output would be entered directly into the EHR as discreet recordable data. Using this methodology, physicians would not have to change

Why You Should Think About Medical Assistant Training For Your Career

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Would you like to work in the medical world? There are a many employment opportunities. Medical assistant training can help you start a rewarding career. Here are some reasons to consider. Salary Wages can vary from employer to employer. The city that you work in may have an effect

Some of the Alternatives to an Electronic Medical Records System

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A couple of years ago we faced a lack of office space for our patient charts; we considered purchasing more space. As I’d been examining EMR systems for ophthalmology practices, it felt like the time to go paperless was finally at hand. Since that time we’ve planned out and

Disadvantages of Electronic Health Records System

Electronic health record system is definitely a better way to do store patient’s medical health records. It allows for accurate record keeping, increased level of healthcare and a reduction in malpractice insurance premiums. It involves doing away with the pen and paper system of keeping medical records and embracing

Electronic Health Record – Best for Physicians Practice

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An electronic health record (EHR) also known as electronic patient record (EPR) is a systematic collection of electronic health information about individual patients or populations. This health information contains complete patient history, including medications, lab work, x-rays, scans and much more. It is a system which stores and distributes

Your Future With Medical Assistant Careers

The job outlook for people interested in medical assistant careers is outstanding. It is a choice that just keeps on growing for qualified job applicants. Job seekers in this medical profession field generally are able to find good jobs in a career that they love and one that offers

Looking For The Best Dental Plans?

We all know that cost for dental services is not a joke. You need to come up with money that you can spend every time you visit your dentist. This is also why other people will just put dental care expenses aside to focus more on expenses for other

The Advantages of Electronic Health Records

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Electronic health records can be defined as data which is stored on computer systems in relation to the treatment of patients by healthcare professionals.Historically, these records would have been stored manually on paper. Increasingly, however, healthcare organisations are finding it easier and more convenient to store health records electronically.As

What Makes The Best Dental Plans

Everybody wants to have the best dental plans. It is just a question of how would you be able to get the best one. What makes the best dental coverage may be subjective, that is because everybody has different needs. Looking for the best plan would have to rely

Medical Coding And Billing Career And What Students Should Know

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A medical coding and billing career is a rewarding job path that can take employees to various levels. There are different levels available in this role that may range from a new graduate position to a more experienced role with manager duties. There are some essential tips to follow